January - The month of recording

(see National Graduation Tab for information about Suzuki Graduations)

Preparing for your 1st recording

  • Actively listen to the graduation piece you need to record
  • Listen for notes/tuning, rhythm, articulation, dynamics and phrasing
  • Practice through the piece without the CD first, checking that you can play all the sections comfortably.
  • Play with the listening CD 
  • Play with the accompaniment CD (Violin/Viola/Cello)


  • Test the balance before doing a full performance: try to achieve the best quality of sound without interference
  • The performer should be louder than the accompaniment CD
  • Both parts should be clearly audible.
  • Concentrate and focus on your performance throughout

Listen to your recording

  • This is the most important part of the Graduation process.
  • Learn how to critically analyse your performance with compliments and recognising areas to improve.
  • How can you improve the performance?
  • Rhythmic tempo? Clarity of notes? Dynamic contrasts? Phrasing?
  • With the help of your teacher, make some notes of what you need to achieve.
  • Take out these sections, practice carefully and prepare for your next recording.

Make another recording

  • Listen back to your performance and take note of the improvements that you have made.
  • Can you improve the piece further? make it a more musical performance, develop dynamics and phrasing to a higher level?

Make another recording

Choose your best recording to submit to the SEIi 

N.B Have another copy saved for backup.